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The Snow of Istanbul

If you remember back in the summer I posted a blog The First Month where I mentioned that I was looking forward to the snow here in Istanbul. When I said that I was told that it hadn’t snowed for about 5 years, so I was quite doubtful about whether it would happen. Last week the weather got colder and there were rumors that snow was coming, and it did. During one night the snow came hard, but it didn’t stay for too long. This week it came even harder and Istanbul was white covered. For me this was really exciting because I wanted to see Istanbul in all extreme seasons and this tops it off for me. Yes it is cold, but its so worth it.

Last week I was contacted on Facebook by a guy who was coming to Istanbul next year, he wanted some advice about what to expect and how to prepare, some approximate prices and other general how to’s advice. I replied to his email and at the end realised I’d written an article about how to survive the first few weeks. So instead of wasting that information, you can now find that article right here on my blog. Its a working progress but I hope it will be useful.

As the snow was falling so much I had to take some pictures you can also find them in the gallery here on my site.
Today is the last day of January, meaning only 4 months until my visa expires and my flight home to the UK. If you also have some questions about Istanbul, please feel free to contact me.