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New year between Europe and Asia

On the 31st of December my friends and I decided to celebrate the new year with a bang. We celebrated on a boat in the middle of the Bosphorus, which is the straight between Europe and Asia and connects the sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. It was my first time in a boat party and it was a very interesting yet extremely enjoyable experience.

We toured the Bosphorus many times until the midnight countdown where we all went to the top deck to wish each other a happy new year and to see the most amazing display of fireworks 360 degrees.
Now that we are in January it means only 5 months left in Istanbul. Some of my friends are finishing the semester and going home so that’s going to be sad. I’m now the only guy who works in IT at my work so my work life has become a lot more hectic but I’m enjoying it. Mostly I try to do something cultural when I have a weekend free like visit a new exhibition or see a part of Istanbul I haven’t seen yet, or if I’m feeling Totally adventurous I’ll go with one of my friends to another city. Before Christmas I took a weekend trip to Edirne and Canakkale, both of which I will post pictures up in the pictures section above soon.

If you are reading this I wish you a great new year. If your reading this in December of 2012 and still trying to decide what to do for new year, I really recommend taking a Bosphorus Boat Party Tour!