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A birthday in Istanbul

On the 7th of October I turned 21. In England 21 is a “big birthday”, like a special one or one that we celebrate more than the others. Its something I’ve got to get used to, celebrating with friends and getting very drunk when I turn a new age. Lets just say that just because I’m in Istanbul, doesn’t mean I couldn’t do just that.

Taksim, being one of my favourite places, had to be the place to celebrate. I had an awesome time, we went from bar to bar on Istiklal and had a dance and a drink and another dance (and many more drinks). I was well and truly drunk, like a normal night back home. Two of my close friends here made me the most awesome collage, pictures of our days out and enjoying the city together. I really didn’t know what to say when they shown it to me, it really was the perfect gift.

Like any other birthdays, being 21 doesn’t feel any different, its just a number, but now I can say I turned 21 in Istanbul.